Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Getting around...

One of the less interesting bits of a wedding day is, I guess, the transport. Traditional limos and horse drawn carriages really don't do it for me, although I suppose the latter probably have the virtue of being low-carbon. Manchester has a company which rents out gigantic pink stretch humvees, which have to be - on petrol consumption, militarism and aesthetic grounds - the most horrible vehicles in existence.
On an ethical weddings websearch I came across one company which has put the trend for hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight as an eco-measure together with the demand for low-impact weddings, and is renting out Prius cars under the brand of www.ecoweddingcar.co.uk.
I really don't like cars, though. I expect there are people out there who've managed to incorporate bikes into their weddings (are you out there? Come and tell me about it!). I quite fancy the idea of emulating my friend Georgie. She had a truly fabulous little wedding - just her lovely new husband and a couple of close friends as witnesses, at the registry office, and then they hopped on a big red London bus and went off to have afternoon tea at the Ritz. How classy is that? I, however, am a generally coarser type of gal with more of a rabble to accommodate. The idea of loading everyone on the 142 up Oxford Road does rather appeal (although it would potentially involve handing bus fares to the evil Stagecoach with their homophobic chairman Brian Souter, who donated half a million to the campaign against the repeal of Clause 28.)
So, if it's far enough away maybe we'll just have to hope it's not a day of traditional Manchester rain and wait for a Finglands bus. Or if (as is seeming increasingly unlikely) I manage to get my number 1 choice of venue, we'll be going for the ultimate eco-option and just making everyone walk round the corner from the registry office...

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