Saturday, 29 March 2008


Having acquired my ridiculously low-budget wedding dress, a common response from my mates (especially Women of the Female Persuasion) has been along the lines of: "well that means you can spend loads on the shoes then!"
And a new range from Izzy Lane makes that very tempting. This little ethical, vegetarian company, based in Yorkshire, started off making classically chic tweedy suits and knits, mainly from wool sourced from a flock of rescued sheep. But this year they've branched out into shoes, all Vegetarian Society approved and handmade by a 'traditional cobbler in the East End of London.' There's leather-look ones and some quite traditionally wedding-y cream coloured ones in linen or Fairtrade organic cotton canvas. Yummm...

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Sarah Irving said...

Another comment and suggestion from a reader:

Hi Sarah,
I LOVE Ethical Wedding; you really unearth some pretty great finds! (For example, the shoes are great from izzylane and the Jemima dresses in Ciel are beautiful!!)
I thought your visitors might be interested in a site that offers a new kind of green wedding registry, (Not another blender!!!) The site allows couples to register for “charitable gifts” from hundreds of leading nonprofits that reach out to the world and make a difference (including tons of opportunities for couples to plant trees, support education, protect wildlife, …) We think it is a great way for couples to celebrate their union, reduce all of the ‘stuff’, and protect their planet.
Please let know if you would like to see more info.
Very best,

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